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Here at Cafe Mosaics, we try our best to make conscious efforts to respect Mother Earth, our animal friends, and to treat your bellies right! Using fresh whole foods and organic tonic herbs sourced from responsible farms near and far, our mission is to add a little joy to your day while healing your body simultaneously. We make most of our food and drinks inhouse with simple selective ingredients and pepper it with love. We like to think the food and drinks here are pretty awesome in every sense of the word. 

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Sunday 10a - 9p

TEMPORARILY CLOSED STARTING MARCH 17, 2020 due to the rapid spread

of COVID-19 and the protection of our customers and staff. All reservations

will be canceled in March. We apologize for the inconvenience. Looking 

forward to see you all again soon.

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Started by a local family in the mid 1990s, Cafe Mosaics instantly became a hidden gem; a place where you can listen to loud rock music, adore the hip local art gracing the olive green walls, and eat a plant-based meal all at the same time. It was a rare and forward thinking movement at that time, and attracted a small solid following of local and travelling musicians, students, residence, and visitors.


In 2009, the restaurant was passed on to another local family (a strong workhorse of a mother and her three not so young foals). Over the next few years, some staple recipes stayed the same, while others such as the Huevos Rancheros and Tofu Scramble were refined. With an itch for creativity, new recipes such as the Vegan Burgers, Wings, and Pho started to make its way on the menu and quickly stirred more curiosity and cravings. With an increase demand for plant based diet, the itty bitty little Cafe Mo finally succumbed to the inevitable - a growth spurt.


So here we are now in our slightly bigger and shinier hole in the wall with a more diversified and earth/health conscious food and drink menu. To some patrons who enjoyed things just as they were, they may see us as being completely different. In truth, however, we have never been more connected to our roots and values. Look more closely at our fancy dancy space and you will see that all things are either repurposed, kept raw, or easily affordable. Look more closely at our menu and you will see that the ingredients are simple, but full of flavour and nutrition. Nothing in life is ever stagnant and we are here to constantly grow in the direction that feels good to the heart and fuel the soul. On the same darn note, some things will never change:

we love music!  

we like it loud! 

and we don't take requests! 

BANH XEO _ open face Vietnamese crepe to
JERK BURGER _ ciabatta, avocado, citrus
SUMMER HANGS with Hazel and Joanna 🌹💧#
KOMBUCHA by _true_buch _ 📷_ _yegfooduo
SNARING RIVER _ our little summer escape
SHOO! SCRAM! #tofuscramble _ 📷_ _fancya
NEW! GREENS, EGG, & YAM _ 📷_ _yourhealt
or place
Last week's performance at the URB PRK! _pyramidindigo _ Music Curator_ _welcometothewest _ Stage Ar
Rainbow food 🌈 🥘. 📸_ _flores
From last week. _evateresefoote _LIVE music every Sunday from 4-9p at the URB PRK
🌹 _ 📸_
Really excited to be carrying _true_buch kombucha on tap_ 1) Ginger and 2) Mealshare flavour of the
Have we met_ #veganpierogies #wellhello #cafemosaics _ 📸_ _dmitri_13 👌👌👌☝️
U N I C O R N  B U R G E R _ 📸 _ellaphone 🦄🦄🦄#cafemosaics #summerfoods #canbevegan
Looking for a sign_ Here it is
Dance like the whole world is watching
🌸🍋Lavender Lemonade_ fresh lemons, home made lavender syrup, and sparkling water
Rabbit food they say.jpg.jpg.jpg
Table for one, pls
Dursday vibe #whyteave #cafemosaics #yegfood #vegan #vegetarian
#repost _gellyjam
#repost _chronichloe says so phoking good. We couldn't agree more










WHAT ARE WE?  We are what you make of us. It's true! Our identity is constantly molding to our beautiful and friendly customers and staff that inhabit the space. But in general terms, we are a FULL SERVICE | CASUAL | SEAT YOURSELF vegetarian and vegan restaurant / coffee house / brunch fest that specializes in nutritional meals, drinks, and lattes. Got that? 


WE ARE NOT 100% ORGANIC: Simply put it is not within our means at this time to be 100% organic, nor are we convinced that all things consumed must be organic. 


FLAUNT YOUR ALLERGIES AND DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Please let your servers know of your allergies and we will do our best to work around it. We are not an allergy free zone.


RESERVATIONS: We now take reservations for groups 2 or more. For groups 6+, please note there will be an auto-gratuity of 18%. Reservations can be made through our website, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Open Table. For groups 13 or more, please call 780.433.9702 to make your reservations. Please do not send email or Instagram/Facebook reservation requests as it does not directly connect with the restaurant. Weekend Reservation brunch limited. Walk-ins still welcome!


DEBIT AND CASH PAYMENTS ONLY: We accept debit and cash. This is our way of giving you good food while keeping the cost on the lower end of the spectrum. If you must use your visa, there will be a 3% charge on top of your bill.


NON-GENDERED WASHROOMS: When you gotta go, you gotta go. All of our washrooms are non-gendered. We have one room with a baby change-table for all the moms and dads out there.


General Inquiry


Art Inquiry //

We love displaying local talent. Our gallery is on rotation every three months. If you would like to showcase your work in our space, please send a few samples of your work to the email below along with a description of who you are and what your work is about. We are selective in the process, and due to the amount of submissions we receive, we will only be connecting with the artists we would like to feature. 


Career Inquiry //

In addition to your resume, please state the position you are interested in, your availabilities, and why you would like to work at Cafe Mosaics. We keep all resumes for one month. If you have not heard back from us, don't be shy and re-submit.  Due to the amount of resumes we receive, we will only be connecting with who we see fit. Thank you for your time and patience; and above all, reducing our paper waste.



Cafe Mosaics // Vegetarian and Vegan Waterhole

10844 on Whyte |Edmonton, AB | T6E 2B3 | CANADA


10844 ON WHYTE, EDMONTON, ALBERTA T6E 2B3 | 780.433.9702


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